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Joy Green


Joy Green is a bright spirit; a lover of, nature, beauty and the arts. Her vivid soul is a beacon of light that allows her to connect with strangers and loved ones alike. 

Joy is a survivor of abuse, depression, and attempted suicide. Through meditation, yogic science, and Ayurveda (an antient system of alternative medicine with historical roots in Indian), she was able to overcome many of these deep and hidden traumas experienced from years of victimization and self-destructive behavior.


Today, Joy is a Best-Selling Author and practices as a Meditation Instructor and Transformational Speaker, successfully influencing others on a path to better self-care, mental health awareness, and spirituality for over 7 years now.

Her life's story of hardships and transformation, is meant to inspire others to push beyond the challenges of everyday life, find their inner voice, beauty and joy within.


Top seller in 8+ categories, including International Best Seller Category & #1 Bestselling Author category.

#1 in 8 U.S. categories including Civil Liberties and African American History.


A compilation of 100% original, raw, unedited & unfiltered writings of 37 authors, stirred by the protests and riots of 2020, sharing their voice with the World.


Each paperback copy purchased is personally signed by your favorite author, Joy Green, infused with Love Energy.

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I enjoyed the book, Your Voice Matters. I was moved to tears from the stories. Being a mom to Joy Green, I'm especially proud of her contribution to this book! She went through things I wish she never had to, but more importantly, through prayers of a mother, God lead her out of her dire situations and he's still doing miracles in her life! I can't wait to see just how far my joy will go! 

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~ Faith McAlister
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