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Meditation by the Beach

Get Unstuck 1.0

Are you tired of trying to be happy... just getting by, filling your life with more things, people or activities? Does it feel like you are constantly looking for joy in something outside yourself? Are you equipped with the right tools in order to weather the storms of life and tap into your happiness at any moment? 

I am here to help you along your personal spiritual awakening journey. Working together, we will identify the areas you are struggling with (shadow work) and design an actionable spiritual plan which includes variations of yoga, breathing techniques and personalized mantra for meditation and more.

Stressed Woman

How will Get Unstuck 1.0 help me?

Have you ever asked yourself: what habits are preventing me from living the life I desire?  Are you struggling to follow through with actions that can change your life? Do you ever feel unmotivated and alone, like you have no one to "brainstorm" with or bounce ideas off of?  


As an entrepreneur, have you ever wondered: what am I "missing"? Why can't I grow my business? 

You're stuck, and these are just some of the energy blocks that will impact your personal and professional life. Success is 80% mental and 20% manual labor; what do you see as your roadblocks to the life you desire?

Let me help you GET UNSTUCK and find your clarity, confidence and motivation to create your dream life.

GET UNSTUCK 1.0 is designed to kickstart the process of thinking differently, making healthier choices and implementing changes that will transform your life into an unrecognizable one. My services are designed to help you move past the obstacles in your life. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal and professional goals.


Let me partner with you to develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.

Your training is superb. Joy (Green) you are without a question the BEST trainer I have ever came across. My team is super happy with your style and patience.

Derek Leopold

Branch Manager, Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation


Package includes:

One (1) 90 minute 1:1 strategy session with Joy to help you gain clarity and develop a customized, actionable roadmap for the next phase of your life, scheduled accountability check-ins, plus more.  

Package also includes a customized guided meditation soundtrack, signed copy of Stuck is Not Your Story: I Overcame and I am Victorious, and a Lifestyle Planner & Journal published by Joy Green, to track your spiritual journey.

One (1) 30-minute follow-up, post-strategy session. 


Book your FREE strategy session to learn more! 

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