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Founder of The Joy I've Found

I am a practicing Meditation Coach and Transformational Speaker, successfully influencing others on the path to better self-care, mental health awareness, and spirituality, for over 7 years now.


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I haven't always been this Joy...

as a survivor of abuse, depression, and attempted suicide, there came point in my life when I was ready to find her - find joy

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And I found her...

Through meditation, yogic science, and Ayurveda (an antient system of alternative medicine with historical roots in Indian), I was able to overcome many of these deep and hidden traumas experienced from years of victimization and self-destructive behavior.


Today, I am living my dream life

I love the life I've created for myself. It's completely unrecognizable from the life of the girl who grew up victimized with no voice, depressed and financially hopeless.

Discovering self-love and cultivating healthy, loving relationships, are my most valued treasures. I enjoy spending the majority of my time with family, and find greater joy in learning about myself and each other day-by-day, moment-by-moment. Naturally, we are a forever-evolving creature, and it's so beautiful to watch loved ones flourish.

My husband and I share, my 2 natural children and his son; we live, work and play in the beautiful Los Angeles suburbs. We love traveling and getting involved in our community.


My voice is my gift...

I am sharing my voice with the world through my multiple published books and meditations. Through my spiritual practices and transformational life journey, I'm blessed to help others push beyond the challenges of everyday life, find their own voice, beauty and joy within.

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You inspire with your joyful stories. God bless you

 ~ Charlton Curry

You bring joy to my heart. You are such an inspiration Joy Green

 ~ Bush Onyango

What you do makes a huge difference

 ~ Gynda Bellino

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The only person who can change your life is you!

I know, pathway to self-discovery isn't a piece of cake. You face multiple challenges everyday. But you are not alone... I am here with you. Let me help you make this transformational journey easier, so you can find your true-self and create the life you've dreamed of and deserve.

Jump on a FREE call with me!

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