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We Gotta Have Faith

What is the true meaning behind this word we call have complete trust and confidence in someone or something? It definitely isn't synonymous with this hip-hop generation's "I don't trust no one" attitude. Although, for the record, trust can be fleeting. For as challenging as it is to cultivate and develop trust for others, it can be completely demolished and questioned in a matter of hours. So having faith and sustaining faith are ways in which we can further explore the matter. But let's back up for now. If we can agree, faith is having a high level of trust, then we can each testify just how fragile the matter is.

In a world constantly bombing us with conversations about not trusting others, along with imagery and gimmicks imploring us to look outside ourselves for validation and recognition, i.e., "how many likes did I get?", it becomes increasingly challenging to have faith in any outside source, let alone faith in yourself.

It takes strong faith to quit a full time career as an employee after 20 years, and start your own business. It takes strong faith to travel to other countries and share Knowledge and a Higher Power with those that are faithless/hopeless. It takes strong faith to raise children and a family as a single parent. It takes strong faith to put yourself through a University education in America, as a young person from the inner city, with folks around saying you couldn't. It takes strong faith to make it through this life!

We must constantly remind ourselves, this "thing" we are going though at the moment is only for a period of time. Just like everything else we have gone through and will go though; the good and the bad come and go. Each of our experiences are only for a short period of time, in the grand scheme of things. However, that something and/or someone we do believe in, that one thing or person that we have complete trust and confidence in, if we keep our focus and our determination, our passion and attention there...if we just keep the faith, then we will be able to watch ourselves triumph through another seemingly challenging, (short) period of time with faith, and knowing we are further along our path, thankful for successes. We become stronger at withstanding the tests of time against our faith.

I have daily conversations with myself about remembering to trust my instincts and my inner guidance system. As a child of The Most High, we are made in His perfect image, His perfect guidance is available to each of us. I also post my goals and positive affirmations in my office. Any personal space you spend a majority of your time in and can post visual reminders, will do. Deciding to have faith isn't a fix-it-all solution. Just like with any other learned behavior, i.e., learning another language, consciousness takes daily effort and practice to maintain. Having faith in yourself takes practice. You will inevitably have those days where you don't feel confident in yourself or believe that you made the right decision. It's that day you needed the conversation and the reminders to yourself the most!

I have yet to meet a successful person in a height of their purpose/life path, who didn't have a grand story of difficulty, perseverance, faith and triumph to share. After all, aren't the sweetest successes the most exciting to talk about!

Have faith, stay the course, embrace your lessons and successes, and get ready to share your story of triumph; a story that will serve as inspiration to others.

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