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Stuck is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious

Trauma is a universal wound not everyone overcomes. This is a book about those who do and the inspiration they provide to others.

How do you handle your nightmare scenario? Do you curl into a ball and wait for the storm to pass? Do you take control of your situation ? Even though you know doing so might cause you pain because deep down inside you know it is the only way to escape and rebuild your life?

Stuck is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious is a compilation of seemingly impossible stories where women from all walks of life are forced to do the unthinkable, to dig deep within themselves and rise above their trauma, reforged into who they want to be and who they deserve to be.

This awe-inspiring group of stories will leave you shaking your head, wondering how these women managed to grow from their issues. It is a testimonial to the rest of us. A wake-up call proclaiming that we do not have to settle. There is a better day, and it is ready for the taking.

Noreen N. Henry, the visionary leader of this collaboration, has overcome many adversities, by doing something different, that has made her into the person she is now, and sharing her story has set others free.


"Stuck Is NOT Your Story because there is always hope to live victoriously," and I believe there is a right time for everything.

Stuck is not your Story: I overcame and am Victorious (signed, paperback copy)

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