Cut To The Chase


This is the moment I choose to share the thoughts I normally think to myself, with you. I'm not here to convince you how great my life is or to give you fashion advise, or pretend I know how to maintain a perfect relationship. I simply created this space to be my most venerable self...isn't that something we're missing in the world today, transparency? 

​This journey to "right now" has endured plenty of struggle and pain. Still sweeter joy, love and laughter I have learned to maintain. The greatest peace I've found is through change, my spirituality and control over my mind and life results. ​

Time to face the man in the mirror! Whispers..."Did she say, daddy issues, abuse, self-hatred, bullying, depression, suicide, divorce, teen pregnancy, alcoholism!???" To the Universe give thanks! I found my truest self, standing face-to-face.   

To find purpose! in our truest state; happiness and joy, bliss...nirvana indeed! To find that 'simply happy because', joy. That joy that no man can take.

​Excitement stirs within as I share my journey...the many stories. Praying we all experience living in Divine joy, so rightly ours. 

​Thank you for reading and sharing in my life.

Abundant Peace and Blessings Always,

Joy Green, Author